Finally, a new website

So, yesterday I had the plan to finally launch my website. I started designing it about a year ago, thinking about how I could use new techniques to build it. I ended up writing the HTML and CSS first, since that is something I hadn't done in quite awhile.

As time went on, I kind of forget my newly designed website. Then I came across Scala and the Play framework. I had some experience with Java, but this was a whole different mindset. I must say that I was somewhat intrigued by the philosophy behind the language. And so I started porting what I already had done. Due to lack of time I couldn't finish the goals I had with Scala. And again it layed around for awhile gattering digital dust.

And then yesterday happened. I decided this personal project was going to end up never seeing the bright light of the internet, unless I would just launch it. I must say that putting something personal into the bright light of the internet is a bit hard. You're always trying to make it absolutely perfect before letting anyone else take a look. While this strive for so-called perfection is good, it should not stay in the way of launching projects.

So, here it is, my new website! It's in plain HTML, responsive and has a tiny bit of JavaScript. It's nothing fancy, but now that it is live I have a greater incentive to make it more awesome.

In the coming time I will start writing more of these blog articles. Subjects will mostly be about webdevelopment in the broadest sense of the word. And since I have quite a wallpaper collection, you can expect some really nice wallpapers as well.

Thanks for dropping by, come again soon. And although leaving a comment isn't yet possible you can always try the contact page ;)