Using an Emotion API

This saturday I decided to give the Microsoft Emotion API a go.

Check out the detailed post for an demo app which tells you which kind of bear you are based on the emotions detected in the submitted image.

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Search Krumo

Search Krumo is a developer helper module for Drupal. It eases the pain of finding things in the large arrays Drupal creates.

This module should be part of your development modules, it will really save you time!

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So, about Drupal 8

Lately there's been a lot of talk about the new upcoming version of Drupal. So, what is it all about?

There's some major changes coming and it's all quite exciting. Changes not just for the software, but also for the community. Drupal is reinventing itself in a good way.

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Using the Gender API

In the past months I searched the web for APIs to play with. I found quite a few that I wanted to try out. Some of them are actually useful, others not so much. In the coming weeks I will be showcasing interesting, useful or fun ones I found.

But today, I want to show you Gender API. A neat API you can use for multiple usecases. It might actually make life easier for you and your visitors!

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Finally, a new website

So, yesterday I had the plan to finally launch my website. I started designing it about a year ago, thinking about how I could use new techniques to build it. I ended up writing the HTML and CSS first, since that is something I hadn't done in quite awhile.

I came across multiple techniques that I started implementing, but due to lack of time and some kind of strive for perfection it wasn't launched until now.

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